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The Genesis Secret

“The Genesis Secret is sure to blow minds. Sinister, macabre, relentless and rich with all the hallmarks of a classic adventure tale, I kept waiting for Indiana Jones to step out of the shadows. It was, in fact, the ideal blend of both The Da Vinci Code and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Genesis Secret is just the kind of book you lose sleep over — both while reading it and thinking about it after you’ve put it down. Not at all for the faint of heart.”

Bill Loehfelm, author of Fresh Kills

“Everything one could want in a thriller: a plot that keeps you hooked; heroes worth cheering for; and a brilliantly maintained air of menace. Tom Knox knows Kurdish Turkey as well as he knows his hometown of London, and The Genesis Secret is smarter and more transporting forit.”

Jon Fasman, author of The Geographer’s Library

“Steeped in both blood and history and keeps up a scorching pace from start to finish.”

Northern Echo, UK

Beer, Copper Canyon, Mexico

“Tom Knox has pulled out all the stops in The Genesis Secret when it comes to action, entertainment, twists and turns. The scenes are written to great effect… the action sequences are gripping… There are twists, turns, revelations and reveals aplenty, there is also some very solid research. In fact, the storyline is not something I’ve come across and it was such good fun to read something that had not been rehashed by a hundred authors before (Jesus, Mary Magdalene, you know… the usual).”

Monster and Critics

“Knox writes with a clean efficiency. The characters of journalist Rob Luttrell and DC Forrester are nicely wrought, each having enough of an interesting back story to buoy the plot without drowning it. Set in Turkey, Kurdistan, and Iraq, Knox manages to conjure up an atmosphere of ancient dread, of Sumerian wind demons howling through the desert and ancient sects living on the edge of the Iraqi plains. The parallel story set in Britain works well as a procedural murder mystery while the Middle East strand gives us all the secret societies and weird religions that you could want.

“Best of all, Knox really knows his stuff and his discourses on ancient man, human sacrifice, demons of the mid-east and obscure pre-Judaic religions are all woven into the plot seamlessly. I’m reminded of why I always liked these type of books, because not only do the best ones grip and propel you through their pages but they also leave you a little more knowledgeable than when you started.”

Tea in Buyukada, Princes Islands
Shotsmags, UK

“A bestseller of a special kind. [The author] excels in his journalism, with an excellent grasp of history, local problems and contemporary politics. The atmosphere and moods of exotic locations are captured at their grandest.”

Title Magazine, Germany

“A great thriller…. Makes one want to tear through the pages to find out what happens next.”

Dallas Morning News, USA

“A breathtaking thriller, with a storyline that grips the reader by combining several elements: secret societies, ritual murders, and mysteries of the past.”

Thriller magazine, Italy

“Tom Knox’s debut novel is a treat for those who love action and mystery with a dash of history.”

The Hindu, India

“Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” brought on a flood of tomb-raiding thrillers — books in which a secret is discovered/dug up and with the help of a brilliant scholar/detective the secrets are revealed before either (1) all hell literally breaks loose or (2) all that we’ve believed to be true isn’t. To prevent either option, the hero must face obstacles that can be overcome only with clever puzzle-solving skills. While Sam Bourne’s “The Last Testament,” Davis Bunn’s “Gold of Kings” and Raymond Khoury’s “The Sign” are recent skillful variations on this formula, I enjoyed Tom Knox’s “The Genesis Secret” best. Knox’s book catapults toward option No. 2 with intrigue and heart.. one of our Best Summer Reading recommendations”

Minneapolis Star Tribune, USA
Grappa, Venice
“An exciting thriller with atmospheric images. So atmospheric that it almost hurts to read…”, Germany

“Genesis Secret is a very exciting and successful combination of historical facts with scientific evidence and biblical riddles. One notes the author is an urbane, traveling and always inquisitive journalist, maybe that is why he is sensitive to the lives he describes. The rights to “Genesis Secret” have already been sold in 15 countries. Any film they make should not be seen by people under 16!”

Deutschlandradio Kultur, Germany

“A rousing thriller… exciting””, Germany

“The very essence of action/adventure reading”


“Chilling.. scary, and very authentic”

Westdeutsche Zeitung, Germany

Me, Beer, Frisco, Utah
“Hindustan Times (India): top ten besteller ”

“Sunday Tribune (India): top five bestseller ”

“A must read summer thriller for 2009”

Associated Content, USA


The Star, Malaysia

“Fantastic… fascinating… skilful.. gripping… always surprising. Voltage guaranteed. Our Book of the Week.”


“Super exciting”

Hamburger Morgenspost

“Absolutely excellent…. a real pleasure…. breathtaking…. an unqualified recommendation.”

“Tom Knox’s The Genesis Secret holds pole position in our Heatseeker Bestseller list – for the third week running”

The Bookseller (UK)

“Our book of the Month”

“The travel journalist Sean Thomas, who hides behind the pseudonym Tom Knox, has emphatically succeeded with his debut, a thriller, which – in the truest sense of the phrase – gets under your skin. He cleverly reports incidents in England, and the adventures of his hero Rob Luttrell in the Middle East, then deftly winds the two strands together, increasing the tension with remorseless skill – right up to the grande finale. Some of the individual chapters are so tense it is, in the cliche, almost impossible for the reader to put the book down. And, at least as interesting as the plot is Tom Knox’s theory of the Biblical Fall, the “Genesis Secret,” based on … But read for yourself!”

Beer & Sausage Man, Carmel Market, Tel Aviv
“Recommended… intricate..”

bookedformurder, USA

“THE hot book of the 2008 London book fair”

Le Monde

“Stunning”, Germany

“A book of so much intrigue, adventure and adrenaline that in the end you are glad that it is just fiction. Or is it?”

thrillercafe, Italy

“An unbeatable combination of history, archaeological finds and biblical enigmas in a thrilling plot that will keep the reader guessing throughout.”

thrillerlibros, Spain

“A brilliant thriller with a background of Archaeology, geopolitics, and Satanism. ”

Jean-Claude Perrier, Livres Hebdo

“A fast-paced first book, which offers unparalleled insights on an archaeological discovery that could change the course of the history of humanity … A masterful mystery novel. ”

Publishers Weekly (France)

“Skilful… atmospheric… excellent.”

Le Matin, Switzerland

G&T, Anjajavy, Madagascar

“Well crafted…. compelling…. If you are squeamish or have trouble sleeping at night after reading graphic depictions of mayhem and human sacrifice, you may want to read this book with someone else in the room in order for you to discover The Genesis Secret.”

Armchairinterviews, USA

“Brilliantly captures the atmosphere of the exotic scenery, from the excavation of Göbekli Tepe to the faith community to the Yazidis.”, Germany

“Rich with ideas, totally exhilarating. People say it reminds them of Dan Brown but I think a better comparison is the first Sherlock Holmes story.”

Luca Crovi, presenter Tuto i colori del gallio, Italy’s leading radio show dedicated to books
And skol!

“Highly recommended. This is a revolutionary book”

The book critic Francesco Gatti on his TV show Tempi Dispari, Italy

Marks of Cain

“Intriguing and well told”

Publishers Weekly

“Tom Knox knows the DNA of an astonishing thriller. THE MARKS OF CAIN is a compelling and frightening novel, and it may well be the most controversial thriller since THE DA VINCI CODE. Action, history, religion, and genetics combine for a gripping read that will keep you reading late into the night.”
Jeff Abbott, bestselling author of PANIC and FEAR

“The author serves up his tale of strange ancient prophesies, people gone missing, sliced digits and old maps with a sense of humor. Find out just exactly what these Cain markings are, and be prepared for a gloriously spirited ride through the corridors of things past.”

“Intelligent… stimulating… thought provoking. I strongly recommend Tom Knox’s Marks of Cain.”

“If it’s adventure, intrigue, a twister style plot and crime scenes not for the faint of heart that fascinate you, The Marks of Cain is definitely your next best read”

“Fast-paced and full of drama as well as casting an intriguing light on a little-known corner of European history, this will be a must for lovers of the genre..”

“Dark, violent… a narrative both relentless and upsetting… I’m glad I read this book”
Dallas Morning News

“An extremely fast-paced thriller that can certainly compete with Dan Brown.”

“Enormously high thriller-effect.”
The Muenstersche

“A spectacular blend of history, religion, genetics and thrills, which guarantees sleepless nights.”

“Much like Dan Brown mixes Knox religious myths and historical facts into an exciting plot with horrifying effect …”
Nina May, Leipziger Volkszeitung

“A breathless tour de force via several countries.. Q spectacular blend of history, religion, genetics and thrills. ”

“Electrifying thriller with lots of background information …”
Silke Schroeder,

“Worth every goose bump.”

“High Voltage”
Wochenblatt Ludwigsburg

“Whoever is interested in fast-paced action combined with history, religion, and genetic research will want to read this.” detective

“An unusually diverse and therefore more readable thriller …”
Porta Magazine

“A far-flung, well-researched thriller that keeps the reader in suspense until the very end.”
ekz Publications

“A spectacular blend of history, religion and genetic research.”
TV star

“Strong stuff,”
Neue Presse Hannover

“… Successful conspiracy thriller …”
Book Media Magazine, USA

“Ideal poolside reading; an exciting, rich application …”
West German General

“Lovers of adventure, thrills, history, and biological sciences will want to add The Marks of Cain by Tom Knox. It’s a twisted little thrill that’ll remind you that you have to know where you came if you really want to understand where you’re going… overall it’s a GREAT book”