Hello, bonjour, and sawadeekap. My name is Tom Knox. Unless you’re a random visitor, you may already know that I am a writer of thrillers.

I’ve been a novelist and journalist for over twenty years. I live in London – at least part of the time (where I use my real name of Sean Thomas). I also write books under the name of S. K. Tremayne.

The Lost Goddess

From the ancient Plain of Jars in Laos to the cave paintings of France, combining history and archeology, politics and neuro surgery, The Lost Goddess (called Bible of the Dead in the UK) is a modern day tale of Frankenstein, with a series of truly terrifying murders at its throbbing heart.

Marks of Cain

In America a young man unexpectedly inherits a fortune. In Europe a string of murders coincides with the disappearance of a brilliant scientist. These strange events are linked by a Biblical curse, a French tribe of pariahs – and a terrible, momentous revelation.

The Genesis Secret

Spanning the globe from the ruined castles of Ireland to the desolate wastes of Kurdistan, The Genesis Secret weaves together Biblical puzzles, scientific insights, the history of an 18th century hellfire cult – and the very oldest temple in the world.

The Babylon Rite

In Edinburgh: a famous Templar historian dies mysteriously at the Rosslyn chapel. In Peru, anthropologist Jess Silverton is digging up the world’s most terrifying ancient civilization: the Moche. What knits them together is a global secret – that kills.